Best Mouse Bungees

Best Mouse Bungees for 2020: Complete Review & Buying Guide

If you are using a wired mouse with your computer, then its cable can be an issue in terms of cable management. Not only that, but if you are gaming, you might experience cable drag quite often. 

In such cases, mouse bungees can be a great pick as they can be handy whether you play games or not. Despite being quite simple and straightforward, choosing one is not that easy.

Hence, we are here with some of the best mouse bungees, along with all of their important details. You can even find a buyer’s guide that will take you through all of the factors related to mouse bungees for buying the perfect one afterwards.

Top 6 Mouse Bungees

BenQ Zowie CAMADE Mouse Bungee for Esports

BenQ is the most popular brand of esports gaming mice that also makes mouse bungees for its wired gaming mice. 

You get the highest user rating because of the great build quality offered by it with its rock-steady base and long arms. The rubber clip offers a proper grip with most models. Its spring can be adjusted as per your needs for changing its height.

Best Features:

  • High grip rubber feet
  • Lightweight design
  • Firm rubber clip for multiple cables


  • High user rating 
  • Justified price tag
  • Works great with many mice


  • Size is a bit on the larger side

Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Razer is yet another big name when it comes to gaming gear including gaming mice and bungees. This bungee offers a highly stable base plate that includes 3 non-slip feet that do not scratch easily and offer proper grip. 

It also includes a high grip cable holder that ensures that the cable does not move at all. In fact, this is the best-looking mouse bungee in this article.

Best Features:

  • Excellent construction
  • Ensures that the cable does not move
  • Non-scratch feet


  • Great looking design
  • Premium build quality
  • Offers proper grip feet and clip


  • A bit on the expensive side

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Gaming Mouse Bungee

You can find a wide range of computer-related products from Cougar that generally offer a decent experience. Its mouse bungee is quite unique as it offers a vacuum base that ensures that the bungee does not move at all. 

It is able to do this while having a very lightweight construction. The raised rubber arm of this mouse bungee is quite flexible while offering proper movement.

Best Features:

  • Powerful vacuum base
  • Lightweight design
  • Long high grip rubber arm


  • Works great as a mouse bungee
  • Highly sturdy and stable
  • Compact size


  • Build quality is a bit average

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder

While Enhance is a smaller brand of mouse bungees, it certainly offers the most feature-rich one. 

As per its name, it is the only mouse bungee in this article that comes with a total of 4 USB ports for connecting other devices. You also get 7 color RGB LED lights in this mouse bungee that make it quite unique in terms of the aesthetics

Best Features:

  • Offers 4 USB ports for hub
  • Comes with 7 color LED lights
  • Decent build quality


  • Longarm for holding the cable
  • Offers USB ports and LED lights
  • Value for money pick


  • Grip is just average

IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager

If you are on a budget, Iogear can be a great pick as it is the cheapest option present in this article. Even though it is quite affordable, you still get a great build quality that results in a high value for money. You get a long arm with a decent grip in this mouse bungee for preventing any cable drag. Although the bottom feet can use more grip.

Best Features:

  • Affordable price tag
  • High value for money
  • Sleek looking design


  • Perfect for users on a budget
  • Includes a long arm
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Slightly large in size

Mouse Bungee, Stageek Aluminium Alloy Gaming Mouse Cable Cord Management

Stageek’s mouse bungee is yet another viable option if you are on a budget. Despite being affordable, it offers a high-quality aluminum base that also happens to look great in terms of the design. 

While the arm is quite long, it does not offer as good grip as the feet on the base. Thankfully, this mouse bungee stays quite stable even while gaming

Best Features:

  • Decent value for money
  • Aluminum base with high grip
  • Long arm for holding the cable


  • Stays stable while gaming
  • Offers flexible mouse cord clip
  • Great aesthetics


  • Arm lacks proper grip

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Mouse Bungee

You can find a wide range of options when it comes to cable management for different devices of your computer. But a mouse bungee is just perfect for managing the cable of your computer mouse as it also eliminates cable drag while playing games or editing graphics or any kind of work. 

We have also mentioned other details of the mouse bungees mentioned in this article. But if that is not enough for you, we are here with a detailed buyer’s guide. It will tell you about all of the things related to mouse bungees for buying the perfect one:

Mouse Bungee Base for Stability

One of the most important things to look in a mouse bungee is to ensure that the bungee itself stays stable. This is highly important if you are gaming and do not want any cable drag from your mouse cord. Hence, you should look out for mouse bungees with a heavy base and high grip feet pads.

Arm Length for Holding Mouse Cord

Since a mouse bungee is supposed to hold the wire or cord of your mouse, the arms of your mouse bungees are quite important. The arms should be long enough that it can hold a decent amount of the mouse cable while being flexible for easy movement. The arms should also have a firm grip on the cable of your mouse.

Connect other Devices via USB Ports

Some of the mouse bungees out there also come with multiple USB passthrough ports in the. While this adds an extra cable on your desk, you can connect additional devices to your mouse bungee making it highly functional for multiple uses. This can be useful for connecting storage devices or simply other peripherals to your computer quite easily.

Great Aesthetics with LED Lights

Apart from offering handy USB ports, a few of the various mouse bungee models out there also come with LED lights. Just like most modern gaming products and peripherals, these LED lights make for a great option if you want a great looking mouse bungee. 

Such LED lights can be customized to any color of your choice along with multiple effects that are quite similar to any other gaming mouse or keyboard with RGB LED lights.

Best Mouse Bungees Buying Guide: The FAQ 

What is the ideal place to buy mouse bungees from?

You can find most of the popular mouse bungee models available on Amazon including all of the models in this article. Since we have mentioned their product page link, you can easily get the cheapest price.

What is the general pricing of good mouse bungee models?

While mouse bungees come at different prices, you can get the best options under $30 without any issues. Some budget options with a basic build can even be found for just $10 or so.

How far do I place my mouse bungee?

It is recommended to place your mouse bungee adjacent to the top portion of your mouse. You should leave some extra space so that you do not hit the mouse bungee with your hand on an accident.

Does a mouse bungee stay stable while gaming?

Even if you are flicking your mouse while gaming, most mouse bungees will not move at all. These have high grip rubber pads on the bottom along with a heavyweight bottom to ensure that they do not move and the bungee stays stable while gaming.


Most computer mice have a pretty long cable that can be difficult to manage. This can be an even bigger issue if you are playing games on your computer and want to eliminate any cable drag for a great experience. 

Thankfully, there are various options out there including the best mouse bungees mentioned in this article. You get multiple small features in these mouse bungees. You can find all the details in the buyer’s guide of this article. Check it out for sure! Choose the one that suits your purpose the best.

In case you still have any doubts or questions regarding mouse bungees, make sure to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section!
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