Best Budget Compact Gaming PC Under $1000

Best Cheap Compact Gaming PC Under $1000

Skillset aside, one of the key differentiators in gaming scores and experience is the equipment being used. And when it comes to PC gaming equipment, affordability is a top consideration for many potential buyers. Here is the reason why many people start their search with specific terms like ‘best cheap gaming PC under $1000’.

Just think about it for a while, of what use will it be to spend your time browsing through PC gaming reviews of products you cannot afford to buy when you need it?

Now let’s move a little bit away from budget and affordability.

Another interesting thing is the core features of the best gaming PC are just as varied as the needs and preferences of all potential buyers in the market. While some people may be more interested in Ram capacity and several CPU cores, others consider graphics card and processor types as top priorities.

Having considered this fact during my research for this buying guide, we’ll be highlighting the most important features around each of these gaming PC reviews. This will make it possible to pinpoint the best matches for your current needs without having to read through all the reviews below.

Besides, some people are still considering DIY vs prebuilt gaming PC. In case you have a preference for the later, spare some time to read through to the end.

Within this piece, you’ll find a lot of affordable prebuilt gaming PCs that are likely to be within your current budget. To make it worthwhile, I have committed some time to select the top-rated models from the leading brands on the market.

The list is very short. So that you don’t have to be overwhelmed with too many options.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Buying Guide

For some people, skimming through gaming PC prices and reviews to find what they want can be very simple. But for some others with relative beginner experience, the opposite is usually the case. Regardless of where you belong in this divide, the actual gaming performance is determined to a large extent by the core features of the gaming equipment.

Based on this fact, we’ll be clarifying the key variations from one feature or model to the other. With this, your purchase decision can be made practically easier. But before the main reviews, let’s look at the most important considerations first.

Graphics Card: When it comes to gaming monitors and PCs, the graphics card in use plays a big role in determining gamer experience. In most cases, you are left between a choice of the dedicated or integrated graphics card. The dedicated version is usually attached to the system’s motherboard. Being a separate peripheral means robust graphics processing in many different contexts.

The integrated graphics card works directly with the system RAM. This type also has its CPU for streamlined graphics processing. The key point here is that most of the gaming PCs are built for either of this graphic card type. If you are into high bandwidth gaming, you may want to go for the dedicated type.

Connectivity Technology: The two broad choices, in this case, are Wi-fi and ethernet connection technologies. One requires a wired connection while the other is wireless. Perhaps, when you hear the term ‘wireless gaming PCs, just know that the one meant for Wi-fi connection is being referred.

The number of CPU Cores: Here is another important feature that is usually different in terms of the best gaming PC comparison. In simple terms, it’s about the processing power of the gaming computer. Key options here include single-core, dual-core and quad-core.

Processor Type: What type of processor are you looking for in a gaming PC? The most important thing here is to check compatibility with the gaming monitor you want to use. Main processor types include Intel Core i7, AMD FX, AMD Athlon, Intel Xeon and some others.

Hard Disk Size And RAM Capacity: Hard disk size usually have a range between 2 – 64 GB. RAM capacity, on the other hand, ranges between 80 GB to 4 TB. In practical terms, you must be specific regarding the features that will match your current gaming equipment and other preferences.

Best Compact Gaming PC Comparison

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Review (Intel Core i5-9400F)

In their Gamer Extreme Series, this is one of the best cheap gaming PCs under $1000. Expectedly, it comes with a complete package at the very point of purchase. The major components here include GTX 1060 3GB Graphics card, keyboard, mouse and build-in wireless adapter.

The main PC itself comes in an RBG LED lit case. Its dimension is about 18.5 x 7.9 x 17.9 inches while the weight stands at 32 lbs. At this point, you can move this machine with ease from one point to the other when there is a need for that.

From my observation, you can connect this one via Wi-fi or ethernet cable, depending on your choice. With the 240Gb SSD/1 TB HDD capacity, you can store as much data as possible over its lifespan. These and other features make it possible to get impressive value for your money during the span of its lifetime.

The core graphics processor is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660. In comparison to some other models from iBuyPower gaming PC that offers 16 Gb in terms of memory size, what you get on this one is about 8 Gb. The processor count is just about 8 while the system makes use of Intel Core i5.

Just in case you need that, there are two expansion slots on the motherboard. For proper connection of other devices, this gaming computer system comes with both HDMI and Displayport.


  • It comes with a VGA cable
  • Impressively high processing power
  • Good for playing Persona and other games like it
  • One-year warranty


  • It doesn’t support a dual graphics card

iBUYPOWER Enthusiast Gaming PC (ARCB 108A)

From my observation, the majority of potential buyers of gaming desktop PC come to the market with a few sets of features or specific features in mind. This for them is usually a top priority. Based on many other iBuypower Enthusiast gaming PC desktops arcb 108A reviews I found, some are mostly interested in the graphics coprocessor which is NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 while others are considering the RAM storage capacity first.

In specific terms, the RAM size on this one is about 8Gb which is good enough for both multi-tasking and high-performance gaming.

Like many other gaming PCs in the same niche, this model is Wi-fi compatible. That means you can connect to any other compatible device of your choice. However, you may want to use an ethernet cable connection wherever possible. According to some of the past users, its dedicated graphics card is confirmed to be VR ready.

If you are among the people that care about the place of origin, this gaming computer is made in the US. As a mark of confidence in the product, the seller provides a one-year warranty when you buy iBUYPOWER Enthusiast Gaming PC on Amazon.

Having a price that is under $500 makes this gaming PC price affordable to many potential buyers. This is cheaper than what you’ll get from other similar models like CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Extreme VR gaming PC.


  • High-speed 3.6GHz processor
  • Have all it takes to run Fortnite and other similar games
  • Impressively fast enough
  • Confirmed to be VR ready


  • The video card is not compatible with all games
  • Takes a little time to start up

SkyTech Blaze II Gaming PC

If you are specifically looking for a compact gaming pc with Ryzen 5 2600 and NVIDIA GTX 1660, here is it. First things first, it is important to note that this is a prebuilt gaming PC. People that are interested in the DIY option should consider buying the rig and other components to have built the way they like.

Right on the side of this machine, you’ll find the red LEDs that make it glow at all times. From all indications, this system was built with great expertise and strong components.

Just alongside the power button, the system also comes with two ports meant for both headphone and microphone jacks. On that same side, you’ll find a color profile button for changing the LED light to any color of your choice. These ports make use of USB 2.0 and 3.1 versions.

Regarding the ports as well, you can use the HDMI or DVI ports to make any connection of your choice. With the antenna, making a wireless connection through PCIe AC Wi-fi.

Expectedly, you’ll get the gaming keyboard and mouse included in the package. Assuming you decide to buy this one, please note that it doesn’t come with an optical drive. In some sense, this might have contributed to the reason why the price is low.

To maintain efficient airflow and prevent overheating, SkyTech Blaze II has three RING fans that work with it. This ensures you can play your game for a maximum number of hours without worrying about overheating. Bringing it to full performing capacity requires the 550-watt power supply.

Some of the games you can play at a very high resolution include Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legend, Anthem and Battlefield V.


  • Proven compatibility with a wide range of games
  • Comparatively low price
  • Lots of useful ports
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The SSD doesn’t last long enough
  • It isn’t future proof

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer Intel i5

For a great number of avid gamers that play for very long hours, overheating is a persistent source of worries. Interestingly, here is the main reason that moves some of these people into an active search for the best cheap gaming PC with RBG fans. The essence of these fans is to provide efficient airflow.

Fortunately, the particular Alarco gaming PC has this and other features that could be top priorities for you. Moreover, you’ll get GTX 650 1Gb video card that works with DVI, VGA and HDMI outputs. If HDMI to HDMI connection is what you want to do, that has also been proven to work well on this device.

Once again, it is a pre-built gaming PC with 8Gb RAM. Just hook, you monitor, mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go.

Please note that you may need to turn down your settings a little bit for you to run Fortnite.

People that are looking for cheap Wi-fi gaming PC under $500 will find this one very suitable. For clarity, consider asking more questions on the product sales page. Just follow the link here and you’ll be able to confirm the return and replacement policy as well.

One thing I always tell readers of our product reviews is to test everything immediately after arrival. This will give you sufficient time for return, replacement or refund. Don’t buy and keep for future use.


  • Provides great value for money
  • Multiple ports for different devices
  • Useful cooling system
  • Works with ethernet connection as well
  • You can run 40 FPS on medium settings


  • External Wi-fi adapter is weak
  • Hard to upgrade in most cases

SkyTech Archangel Gaming PC With Quad-Core

Talk about sturdy and outstanding design, here is one of the great products that got them all. Beyond design, SkyTech Archangel gaming PC has great features that made it appealing to gamers in different segments. Though the AMD processor speed is about 3.1GHz which is slightly lower than what is obtainable from others, you can still expect impressive performance just like some of the recent users.

Its 1080p pixel capacity supports high-resolution gaming experience. It comes with a powerful video card that works with 8GB RAM on Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS.

To have it working at full capacity, you’ll need a 500-watt power supply. Please note that you are buying the PC alone which doesn’t come with a gaming monitor. If you need an affordable gaming monitor to go with it, consider Alienware AW3418DW, Samsung CHG90 or BenQ PD3200U.

This machine, SkyTech Archangel gaming PC works with Displayport, HDMI and DVI connections via different USB versions including 3.0 and 2.0 versions.

Within the one-year warranty offered on this purchase sure of making prompt and stress-free replacement if there is a need for that. In terms of gaming PC price, this model is priced slightly above $500. But it is still affordable for people with under $1000 budget.

From here, you don’t have to look further in search of where to buy a gaming PC that will match both your current needs and budget. Follow the link above to get it on Amazon.


  • Seamless Wi-fi connection
  • Stress-free connection to other compatible devices
  • Lifetime free technical support in the US


  • It is not the best for online streaming

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop – AMD Ryzen 3-Series

If you have used any of HP electronics products and found great satisfaction in terms of lifespan and functionality, there is a chance you’ll experience the same with this gaming desktop. In line with this, some potential buyers with a specific interest in HP gaming desktop are usually following recommendations from other satisfied users.

While I was researching other HP gaming PC reviews, the sales volume and positive ratings seemed very impressive as well. whether affordability is a top priority for you or not, you can say that this is a mid-range gaming rig.

Coming with this machine is a dedicated 4 Gb GDDR5 video graphics card. The RAM size is about 8Gb. However, this is said to be upgradable to 32 Gb in case you need extra storage capacity. Right on the side of it, you’ll find a combo of neatly built headphone and microphone jacks.

If you are looking for a future proof and VR ready gaming PC for upgraded performance, consider giving this one from HP a serious thought. Regarding storage, you can choose between multiple hard drives, PCie SSD or dual storage.

With the integrated optical drive, you can begin DVD, legacy game support and alternate data storage. These things are very easy to select, depending on your choice.

On the backside of the machine, you’ll find an interesting array of cleanly designed ports for different use cases like SD card reader, headphone/microphone jack, charging. In case you chose this one, you can begin to enjoy its power 5.1 surround sound.

For compatibility and stress-free gaming experience, consider getting some gaming accessories like HP Pavilion Gaming 32 HDR Display, HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset and HP Speaker System 400.


  • Multiple port utilities
  • Outstanding strong and sturdy design
  • Multiple monitor support


  • Cumbersome support system
  • Requires constant updating drivers

Dell Inspiron i5676-A696Blu Gaming Desktop

After HP, Dell is another great brand to reckon with, when it comes to computer manufacturing. And in this gaming niche, Dell has got a lot of interesting products that many users have found to provide real satisfaction and value for money. Talking about the compact and sturdy nature of a PC, this system is convincingly strong and well built.

In terms of design, it comes with clean designed, silver-blue fins that get lit up whenever you turn on the system. Perhaps, people that love a combination of aesthetics and pleasurable gaming experience will find Dell Inspiron i5676-A696Blu to be a worthy buy.

The cooling system in this machine is made of fans and vents. While this maintains efficient airflow and cooling, you can be sure of playing for really long hours without worries about overheating. Beyond theories, this is what I have seen many recent users confirm through other gaming PC reviews.

If you have used a Ryzen processor in a gaming PC before or you are following a recommendation from another satisfied user, this device has got you covered.

Coming with 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM makes it possible for you to run multiple applications at a time without glitches.

Another feature that makes it attractive is the powerful graphics card which comes with a dedicated video memory of 4Gb. In case you want to play the greatest AAA game titles, then you need to get an appropriate frame rate by bringing down the settings.

This is the only PC that also supports Bluetooth connection while working with a standard Wi-fi connection. Through these options, you can be sure of doing away with cables that often get entangled at one point or the other. Depending on your preferences, you’ll also have HDMI and VGA ports for other uses.


  • Powerful graphics card
  • High storage capacity
  • Good for intensive multitasking


  • No visible warranty
  • Sometimes come with incomplete screws

Best Compact Gaming PC Buying Questions And Answers

How much RAM do I need for gaming?

In most cases, RAM size of 8 – 16Gb works well for gaming. For low-end games that may not require high graphics processing power, 8Gb is usually enough. With some gaming PC models, you can upgrade to 32Gb for glitch-free high-resolution gaming.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a gaming PC?

Practically, it is cheaper to buy the components and do it yourself (DIY). However, you should consider the time requirements and expertise. Without much experience, you may end up damaging the core components.

Is 32Gb overkill for gaming?

For most average gamers, 8Gb is just enough. However, some people go for 32Gb for the simple purpose of future-proofing. At other times, a lot of VR gamers prefer high-end RAM size.

What is the average price for a gaming PC?

With a budget of $400 to $900, you are sure of finding lots of affordable gaming PCs from different brands. If you have a particular brand in mind, you’ll also find interesting models within this price range. For high-end gaming with 60+ frame rate and maximum settings, you should expect the most usable PCs at a price point above $1000.

Where can I buy the best gaming PC?

Assuming you want to buy this online, just follow the link above each of the gaming PC reviews in this post. On the other hand, you may want to check your local retailer.


Now, here is a shortlist of the best compact gaming PC reviews. Beyond products reviewed here, you can surely find others with ease. However, what I have done is to select the models with impressive sales statistics, positive ratings and reviews from recent buyers. From here, you can narrow down your options to choose what is best for you.

Regardless of the exact feature or set of features that matter most to you, most of the products here have got them all. From graphics card to RAM size, processing power, cooling system and core utility ports, it is very possible to find what is suitable for you in this list.

If you move away from here to Amazon, consider asking further questions on the product sales page which will be answered by recent users of each product as well as the seller.

Finally, don’t forget to confirm the return and replacement policy before you place your order.
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