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Best PC Desk Cases for 2020

In the modern world of technology, the personal computer industry has evolved as well. From the enormous monolithic computers that used to fill entire rooms back in the 20th century, we have now advanced to a small, sleek computer that packs more processing power than 20 of the old ones.

 When computers are used for multiple purposes such as gaming or data analysis of scientific data, these machines get all the more complex and need protection and proper maintenance. Now, if they were to be left open, obviously, with time, these would be damaged beyond repair.

That is where computer cases step in. These cases are protective equipment that houses all the intricacies of a computer’s processors and also house cooling fans to prevent the overheating of these machines. These cases come in two formats mainly, the desktop format and the tower format.

Best PC Desk Cases Comparison 

CORSAIR OBSIDIAN 750D Full-Tower Case- Airflow Edition

Corsair is a leading brand when it comes to the PC case industry. The Obsidian 750D is one such product of Corsair that doesn’t venture much into fashionable add-ons but instead performs exceptionally well when it comes to the basics.

The Obsidian 750D’s most significant case is its cooling system. It has a high-airflow mesh design with fan sizes ranging from 120 millimeters to 360 millimeters. These fans work efficiently to cool the system. It also has its trademark H-series liquid cooling system and radiators to keep your PC systems cool.

It has a generous expansion room to fit as many drives and disks to increase your computer’s performance. It has nine PCI-E expansion slots and 13 drive bays. It can be customized easily to suit your needs and is easy to assemble for technicians.


  • The cooling system is effective
  • Scope for customization adds value to its utility


  • This product lacks add-ons like LED lighting or acoustic padding and so on.

Fractal Design Focus G- Mid Tower Computer Case

The Fractal Design Focus G is a decent mid-tower computer case that performs well when it comes to all criteria of a good computer case and is yet a decent, value for money, budget case. It has a decent look and has a compact PC chassis build.

The cooling system of the Fractal Design Focus G is equipped with two 120 millimeters LED fans that are incredibly silent and yet adept while working. It has a filtered front and top to prevent dust intake. The position of the fans can be customized to six different options depending on what you need.

It has a side glass panel to allow you to view the interiors of the case. It comes with an anti-theft Kensington padlock system.


  • The cooling system is really good
  • The glass panels and the anti-theft locks are perfect add-ons


  • The case doesn’t have a lot of space for adding additional drives and processors.

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case

The Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-tower Case is another excellent product from Corsair. The most eye-catching feature of the Corsair Crystal 570X is its build. It is made of steel and 4-millimeter tempered glass, which gives the case a futuristic look.

However, looks aren’t the only utility that this case possesses. The case comes with three inbuilt fans with red, green, and blue lighting (RGB), which can be controlled. 

There are six different options to install the fans as per your requirements. The product has cable routing systems with attached Velcro, which makes cable management all the easier. This product, like all cases from Corsair, also contains the trademark H-series liquid cooling systems.


  • The futuristic look
  • The cable routing system adds value to the product.


  • The case lacks space for extensions and drives.

 Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis

The Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX cube case is the perfect solution for space deficits. The product, unlike its competitors, comes in the form of a small and compact cube. 

As a result of its cube shape, this case proves to be a good pick for buyers who have a shortage of space.

It has three in-built fans with extreme air/liquid cooling systems to keep all the inner equipment in a cool working condition. It has a mesh design on the exterior panels to allow ventilation. The symmetrical side panels of the case are easily interchangeable.

It comes with two USB 3.0 ports, one headphone port, and one front microphone port.


  • The cubical build makes it highly compact and convenient to place.


  • The case doesn’t have enough space to fit new motherboards.

 Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case

The Carbide 200R from the house of Corsair is the trickle-down budget case from the more premium and high-end cases of Corsair, which are much more expensive than what the Carbide 200R is priced at.

It has all the trademark features of Corsair cases, which is the trademark H-series liquid cooling system and the scope for tool-free installation. This makes the product extremely efficient for use. It also has meshes on the exterior to allow optimal levels of ventilation.

The case has seven expansion slots making it highly flexible and customizable. It has seven drive bays that allow maximum possible use of your processors. It has two USB 3.0 ports and one headphone and one microphone port on its exteriors. 

All-in-all, it is a compact piece but lacks certain features that other budget cases offer.


  • Despite its price, It has all the brilliant features that Corsair offers in its case


  • It lacks add-ons like LED fans and acoustic pads.

Buying Guide for Computer Cases.

Computer Cases come in various forms and sizes, however, it is tough to choose one. This is because these cases are tough to assemble for people with technical knowledge. 

On the other hand, these cases also come with a lot of technical jargon and terms as features. Hence, proper technical know-how is required to choose the best computer cases. Here’s a buying guide that will help you make the right decision. 

The Type of Case

The most important decision to be taken while choosing the ideal personal computer case is to decide between the two types of cases, tower cases, and desktop cases.

Tower cases are ones that stand independently on the side of the monitor of the personal computer. Desktop cases are used as supports for the computer, and the computer is mounted on top of these cases.

Tower cases take a lot of space but allow a great deal of independence for technical installations as they have a lot of additional space for customization and installation of machinery besides the basics.

In contrast, desktop cases are convenient to place but don’t give a lot of technical freedom.

Cooling System

Another important factor for personal computer cases is the cooling system. If the cooling system is not capable enough to keep your systems cool, there might be a risk of overheating and subsequent burning of hardware.

To prevent such a tragedy, look for features like bigger fans, radiator systems, and liquid cooling systems to keep your systems cool. Certain desktop cases also allow multiple options to assemble fans at numerous places. These options give you the freedom to install fans in the case near the equipment that needs it the most.

Best PC Case Reviews: The FAQs 

How well does an exterior mesh work?

A lot of cases come with mesh exteriors. They are not there for decoration, even if some manufacturers might aesthetically design them. They have utility as well. The mesh exteriors allow complete ventilation for the hot interiors. 

However, a mesh exterior becomes tough to maintain as dust gets stuck often. It is also challenging to clean mesh exteriors.

What are the perks of choosing liquid cooling systems over air cooling systems?

Personal computer cases have two systems of cooling, mainly liquid cooling systems, and air cooling systems.

Liquid cooling systems are highly efficient in cooling and absorb surrounding heat much faster than air. They also require less power intake for cooling as they have no mechanical pieces that need electricity to work. On the other, the liquid requires timely replacement.

Air systems are much less efficient and require a lot of power intake for fans to work; however, they require less maintenance.


Personal Computer Cases are an essential part of assembling personal computer systems. Choosing a case requires a lot of technical know-how that involves knowledge about cooling systems, side panels, radiators, extendable panels, drive bays, and so on.

What’s more, is that the type of computer case you choose depends on your personal technical requirements and expectations from the personal computer system. 

If you require a personal computer that needs to perform really well with high-speed processors and requires a lot of juice from the processors’ engines, then you should opt for high-end cases with high-grade cooling systems. However, if you require basic systems, then low-end cases also can work.
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