Conference Speakerphone Comparison

Best Conference Speakerphone Comparison: A Detailed Guide

In case you want to place a conference over phone calls along with various other members within your room, then a conference speakerphone is just the right option for you. These come with a loudspeaker along with a microphone that properly picks up voices of all the conference members. 

But there are various options out there when it comes to picking up the perfect conference speakerphone. Therefore, we are here with a complete and detailed best conference speaker comparison. 

We have mentioned various conference speakerphones along with all their details and a buying guide so that you can buy the perfect one after going through this article until the end.

Best conference Speakerphone Reviews 

Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone

Jabra is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to conference speakerphones made for use with smartphones. Its Jabra Speak 510 speakerphone offers a pretty good battery life of up to 15 hours. 

As for the connectivity option, it connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Once connected, a total of 4 people can use this speakerphone at once for placing a conference call. You get a 1-year warranty with it for peace of mind.

Best Features:

  •     Up to 4 people at once
  •     Connects via Bluetooth
  •     1-year long warranty
  •     15-hour long battery life


  •     Offers wireless connectivity
  •     Decent battery life
  •     Supports 4 people at a time


  •     Speaker could have been louder
  •     Only a 1-year long warranty

Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet M2 Gray Conference Speaker w/Dongle

eMeet is a lesser-known brand of conference speakerphones but still has a high user rating because of the various features offered by it. It uses a wireless dongle to connect to your computer via USB. 

This makes it great for programs like Skype. A great thing about it is that it uses a total of 4 microphones for noise-cancellation and making sure that it sounds great while using it with up to 8 people at once.

 Best Features:

  •     Up to 8 people at once
  •     Connects via USB dongle and Bluetooth
  •     3-year long warranty
  •     Uses 4 microphones


  •     Multiple microphones with noise-canceling
  •     Great for using with Skype
  •     Offers great audio quality


  •     A bit expensive
  •     Average battery life

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Video Conference Webcam

Since Logitech makes computer webcams, its conference speakerphone comes with an inbuilt camera that makes it highly unique. In fact, it is most likely the best option for users looking for a skype camera. 

Apart from having a 1080p FHD camera, you get an omnidirectional microphone along with echo cancellation. This microphone is useful for using with up to 4 people at once.

 Best Features:

  •     Up to 4 people at once
  •     Connects via USB
  •     2-year long warranty
  •     Uses a 1080p FHD camera


  •     Excellent for skype
  •     Great audio quality
  •     Easy to use controls


  •     Lacks Bluetooth connectivity
  •     Not an affordable option

Jabra Speak 510+ UC Wireless Bluetooth/USB Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone

We are here with yet another conference speakerphone from Jabra that is a better version of the previous version mentioned in this article. The major improvement in this one is that it comes with USB connectivity along with Bluetooth. 

Other than that, it offers the same 4 people connectivity and a 15-hour long warranty that is good for the price. While you get a great build quality, its 1-year long warranty can be a bit less for some users out there.

 Best Features:

  •     Up to 4 people at once
  •     Connects via USB and Bluetooth
  •     1-year long warranty
  •     15-hour long battery life


  •     Great build quality
  •     Decent audio quality
  •     Works with multiple devices


  •     Average speaker volume
  •     Warranty period could have been longer

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone with 6 Microphones

Apart from making Bluetooth speakers, you can also find conference speakerphones from Anker. This one is great for using smartphones as it uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity. 

In fact, its 7000 mAh battery offers a 24-hour long battery life that should be more than enough. As for the microphones, it uses a total of 6 microphones with great voice quality. Although, the background noise cancelation offered by it could have been better.

 Best Features:

  •     Up to 8 people at once
  •     Connects via Bluetooth 5
  •     1.5-year long warranty
  •     24-hour long battery life


  •     Great audio quality
  •     Superb battery life
  •     Uses Type C for charging


  •     Build quality could have been better
  •     Slightly on the heavier side

Best Conference Speakerphone Buying Guide 

Conference speakerphones can easily connect to your smartphone, allowing you to place conferences over a phone call. You can use these to easily place conferences with multiple members speaking to one device. But these are much better than using your smartphone on loudspeaker mode. 

This is possible due to the various features and options offered by these speakers. We have already mentioned various conference speakerphones in this article, along with all these details. But if you want the complete best conference speaker comparison, make sure to go through this buyer’s guide and all of the points mentioned here:

Connectivity Options

You can find a wide range of connectivity options in most of the conference speakerphone models out there. This allows you to use them with any device of your choice if needed. It includes connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, Aux, and various others. 

While wireless connectivity is useful for using with smartphones, wired connections allow you to easily connect one with your computer if needed.


As you would expect, since these conference speakerphones are made for placing calls, their microphones are highly important to check. While basic models come with a single microphone, other models might offer multiple microphones. 

If any given model has 3 or 4 microphones, it generally means that you get superior audio quality while allowing multiple users to speak at once.


If you want proper control on your conference speakerphone, then you need to check the controls offered by it. These different control options and buttons allow you to change the different settings of your conference speakerphone if needed. This includes things like toggling microphones, changing connected devices, adjusting the volume, and various other things that you might need in a conference speakerphone.


Another factor that generally gets overlooked while getting a conference speakerphone is the warranty offered by it. This is quite important to check if you wish to use a given conference speaker for a long time. While some models come with a 2-year long warranty, more reliable models might even offer a 3-year long warranty for peace of mind.

Best Conference Speakerphone Reviews: The FAQs

How much should I pay for conference speakerphones, and where do I buy them?

Generally, conference speakerphones range anywhere from $100 to even up to $250 depending on the model that you get. These have such a large price difference because of the various features offered by the. But if you want the best price, make sure to get them from Amazon using the link mentioned up above in this article.

What is the best way to connect to a conference speakerphone?

You can find multiple connectivity options in different conference speakerphone models on the market. While some of these are wired and use things like AUX cables and USB cables to connect, other models might use Bluetooth connectivity. This offers the user high flexibility and ease of use since you can easily use the connected device without being tethered by a cable.

Can I use a conference speakerphone along with a computer?

A few conference speakerphone models available on the market allow you to use them along with a computer for using in programs like Skype. This is generally done using a USB cable. Once you connect your speakerphone to your computer, it will come up as a USB communication device that can be used on Skype if you want it to.

Is it possible to use conference speakerphones on the go?

Even though conference speakerphones are designed for use in the office, some of you might be interested in one while on the go. This can be handy if you want to take your conference speakerphone in your car or to your home once you are done using it in your office. Apart from having a small and compact form factor, some models might offer an inbuilt battery that allows them to run without a power source.


If you also place a lot of conference calls in your office, then a conference speakerphone can be a great pick for you. These easily connect to your smartphone and allow you to easily talk with others while on speakerphone. 

Hence, we have mentioned the best conference speakerphone comparison in this article. This comparison will take you through some of the best conference speakerphones along with all the features and options offered by them. We have even mentioned a detailed buyer’s guide in this article for easily picking up the best one. 

If you still have any doubts or questions regarding conference speakerphones, make sure to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section!
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