Best Gaming Monitors Under $150

Best Gaming Monitors Under $150

The pixelated basic games are a thing of the past. Today’s video games have such intense graphics that not every monitor, processor, graphic card, or motherboard will be able to run these games.

One of the important equipment that is required to run these high-graphic games are monitors. This very need for high-performance monitors has spawned off a different genre of gaming monitors. 

However, to choose the best gaming monitor in this budget is a tough ordeal with the amount of technical jargon and expenses involved. Continue reading this article to find the best gaming monitor and also as we simplify the technical jargon involved behind the working of gaming monitors.

Best Gaming Monitors Buying Guide 

Acer SB220Q bi- 21.5 inches, Full HD, IPS Monitor

The Acer SB22OQ bi fits the bar of an affordable high-performing gaming monitor. It has a screen size of 21.5 inches, which is pretty small when compared to monitors on the expensive end, but even for its small size, it has an ergonomic view.

It has a tilt capacity of -5 to 15 degrees and a horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees. This makes it easily adjustable for comfortable viewing.

It has a response time of 4 milliseconds along with a refresh speed rate of 75 hertz. What’s more, is that it comes equipped with the Radeon Free-Sync Technology, which makes it an efficient monitor and prevents screen-tearing and lagging.


  • The refresh speed is commendable.
  • The stability of the mount is too good for the price of the Acer SB22OQ monitor.


  • This monitor still follows the VGA-port technology, which has been stated obsolete by major gaming companies.

Sceptre E205-16003R- 20” 1600×900 up to 75Hz 

The Sceptre E205-16003R is not a gaming monitor in the most real sense but can be trusted to suffice the requirements of casual gamers. 

The biggest perk of this monitor is the unbelievable amount of add-ons that this monitor has been able to pack despite its really affordable pricing.

The Sceptre E205-16003R has a 20-inch screen which is just about enough for casual gaming but is more than enough for other purposes. Unlike other budget-monitors, this one comes packed with built-in speakers. 

Its resolution isn’t full-HD, but with a refresh rate of up to 75 HZ, you can expect smooth gaming, albeit the few freezes and screen-tearing here and there. It supports VESA mount, which makes it height adjustable.


  • It comes equipped with in-built speakers 
  • Supports VESA mounts which makes it height-adjustable.


  • Its resolution and size aren’t ideal for hardcore gaming.

Asus VS228H- P – 21.5” Full HD with Back-lit LED

The Asus VS228H is another one of those monitors that perform exceptionally well for the average gamer. However, this product is not built for the pro-gamers who require reaction speeds of 1 millisecond.

Having said that, this product is value for money. It works exceptionally well on the photochromatic and the brightness criteria. It doesn’t lose its brightness over time, and the colors of various objects on display are as vivid as vivid can be.

It is effortless on the high and one of the most ergonomically affordable devices if you are going to use your monitor for hours at one go. It is a TN panel. TN panels are known to lose visibility when viewed from different angles. 

However, with its back-lit LED and non-reflective coating, this product allows an all-round viewing experience.


  • The display is extremely easy on the eyes.
  • Value for money


  • The stand of the monitor is a bit unstable.

HP Pavillion 22cwa- 21.5” Full HD IPS Monitor

The HP Pavillion 22cwa is a decent-performing monitor that trumps over high-end devices in certain areas. This device is suitable for semi-pro level gaming, and it just can’t support ultra-HD gaming.

This monitor has a floating stand which doesn’t take a lot of space. The stand can be adjusted easily to suit your likings and can also be equipped with VESA mounts which makes it height-adjustable. Its display size of 21.5 inches will suffice the needs of semi-pro gamers.

It has a matte black surface which gives it a premium look. The colors are evenly saturated across the screen and only the black objects on-screen look off-tone when viewed from an angle, however, it’s a minor snag.


  • This monitor strikes a perfect balance between monitor performance and aesthetic viewing.


  • Advanced gaming might cause minor screen-freezes.

Asus VP228HE- 21.5” Full HD Eye-care monitor

The Asus VP228HE is probably the fastest monitor on this list. It is one of the true budget gaming monitors that can support a wide variety of games and gaming programmers. 

The Asus trademark game plus technology allows add-ins like a crosshair, timer, FPS, counter, and display alignment, which makes the device highly ergonomic for gaming purposes.

The monitor also comes equipped with built-in speakers which save the users from the additional hardships of attaching wired speakers. The Asus eye-care technology reduces strain on the eye and has other filters for blue lights.


  • With a reaction speed of 1m/s, this monitor is ideal for gaming.


  • The hardware buttons on the monitor are placed in such a way that it is tough to find and use.

Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Monitors

Reaction Speed

A very important factor in monitors that not a lot of amateur gamers recognize is the reaction speed. Reaction speed is the capacity of a monitor to react to the quick changes in imagery and frames of gaming.

The reaction speed doesn’t matter for non-gaming purposes, but it does for gaming purposes as video games are insanely fast. A reaction speed rate between 1ms to 4ms is ideal for gaming monitors. 1ms is the fastest that there is, but such monitors are pretty expensive.

Any monitor with speed lower than 4ms will not be able to provide an ideal gaming experience with lags and freezes occurring frequently.


A very misleading myth is that only 4K monitors can support gaming. Gaming monitors with HD or 2K resolution can support a large majority of games. 

On the other hand, 4K monitors are redundant if your gaming processors and graphic card are unable to support such high resolution.


When it comes to adjustability, any device that doesn’t support VESA or rear mounts is bound to give users backache from the constantly uncomfortable angle of viewing. Hence, users should always look for support for VESA or other mounts in monitors.

Screen Size

When it comes to gaming monitors, the ideal range of monitor sizes is between 21.5 inches to 27 inches. Anything below 21.5 inches will become too small for your own comfort. Users for smaller screens will have to constantly peer into the screen to play competitively.

On the other hand, monitors with sizes beyond 27 inches will prove too large for your own comfort. This is because, to catch every inch of the screen, users will have to view from a certain distance which might prove to be highly inconvenient for catching the small details.

Best Gaming Monitor Comparison: The FAQs

What is the ideal refresh rate for an ideal gaming monitor?

A refresh rate is the speed of a monitor at which it can continuously refresh the continuous feed of pixels and imagery from the gaming processor. 

These refresh rates are measured in hertz or Hz. Generally, the refresh rates are 60Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz. Now 60Hz rates are good enough for the majority of the games. 144Hz can support every game. However, 240Hz monitors are the high-end devices that shell out the best visuals.

An ideal rate for amateurs and semi-pros would be 60 Hz whereas, for pro gamers, 240Hz would be the ideal rate.

Is 150$ a good budget for a gaming monitor?

Absolutely! It can be a perfect starting budget for a budding gamer. Nowadays, technology is ever-changing and brands are very competitive in their pricing with respect to features offered. Our chosen products above are listed on Amazon where you can find the cheapest prices, discounts and more.

Is a VESA mount support really required?

A VESA mount that is universally attachable to any monitor that has clamps for attaching this mount. The special factor of this mount is that it makes your monitor screen height adjustable 

As a result, if your monitor’s original base is not adjustable, the option for attaching this mount might make viewing a comfortable experience. It should be one feature that prospective buyers should look for in monitor options to allow comfortable viewing.


Choosing gaming monitors that are suitable for your needs and under $150 can prove to be a pain.

This is why buying gaming-monitor can become really tedious. We hope that we have been able to explain some of those terms through this article.

However, please make sure that your chosen monitor has all the essential features to be able to bear the load of intense and casual gaming. For gaming monitors, pricing is often misleading. 

As you might buy the most expensive of monitors with state of the art technology, however, if your gaming processor doesn’t support those features, then it is a waste of money.
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